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Crocodiles - History

Crocodiles have arisen about 200 million years ago and outlasted the dinosaurs by 65 million years. Probably, it was thanks to water, where climatic changes were less intense. People failed to force into extinction any of 23 species of crocodilians, even when their impact has been appalling. The fossils of Crocodiles are identical to present-day Crocodiles. Crocodiles have a great chance to survive a nuclear winter and feed on the dead stuff while the rest of the fauna will die out.

Crocodiles - Distribution and Habitat

 Crocodiles - Pictures
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Various species of Crocodiles are found in North-, Central-, and South America, in China, New Guinea, Australia, Africa, Madagascar, and Pakistan. The Crocodile inhabits rivers, lakes, swamps and pools of forested areas, and even coastal marine waters.

Life Span: Sexual maturity is reached at 12 years of age; the average life span is 70 years.

Crocodiles - Description

Crocodiles are the most advanced of all the reptiles. They have a diaphragm, a cerebral cortex, and a four-chambered heart. The coloration of Crocodiles provides camouflage from other creatures. Their skin is armored with bony buttons and a thick layer of interlocking scales. All species of Crocodiles have a long and powerful tail that enables them to swim making an S shape.

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Crocodile skin can be seen in pictures, along with adult and baby reptiles as well.

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